Dr. Julia Borst

Copyright: I. Pfeifer

Principal Investigator im ERC Starting Grant AFROEUROPECYBERSPACE (101110473)

Fachbereich 10: Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaften, U Bremen

„Afroeurope and Cyberspace: Imaginations of Diasporic Communities, Digital Agency and Poetic Strategies – Unravelling the Textures“
Laufzeit: 2024-2029.

Recently, more and more people of African descent in Romance-speaking Europe have started to tell their stories online, re-appropriating the narrative of who they are and why they are here. The ERC-funded AFROEUROPECYBERSPACE project investigates how they use the internet to gain visibility and participate in knowledge production. Studying online magazines, blogs and other digital formats, it explores how people of African descent narrate experiences of racialisation and of (un)belonging on their own terms and uncovers the challenges they face in cyberspace. The project combines Afroeuropean, postcolonial and digital media studies with literary and cultural studies’ approaches. The aim is to examine the poetic strategies, textures and symbols used to imagine a diaspora online, unravelling the narratives that shape emerging Afrodiasporic subjectivities.

Neuste Publikationen:

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mit Stephanie Neu-Wendel und Juliane Tauchnitz, eds. Women’s perspectives on (post)migration: between literature, arts and activism – between Africa and Europe. Baden Baden: Olms, 2023. (Frei zugängliche Open Access-Publikation)

mit Stephanie Neu-Wendel. Decolonized Bodies: Aesthetic Activism in Afrofeminist Blogs from France, Spain and Italy. Women’s perspectives on (post)migration: between literature, arts and activism – between Africa and Europe, hrsg. v. Julia Borst, Stephanie Neu-Wendel und Juliane Tauchnitz. Baden Baden: Olms, 2023, 206-251.

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